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Re-engaging Your Team After Lockdown



We are starting to see lights at the end of the tunnel, vast proportions of the population have had at least the first vaccine and numbers are declining.

Thoughts now turn to the return to normality and employers physically returning to the workplace.  The transition is gradual and of course subject to Government guidance leading to 21st June when potentially current restrictions will end.

After months of lockdown, you might assume that employees are keen to get back to the workplace. Many however will be concerned and our newsletter focuses on how to re-engage your employee’s post-COVID helping you get your business up and running again.

As a business owner, employee engagement needs to be at the forefront of your mind to re energise and drive your business forwards.

After months working from home, some employees will have really benefitted from saved time, costs of not commuting and potentially reduced childcare, petcare costs. You may well need to consider flexible working patterns, work remotely on an ongoing or part time basis, and thinking about embracing new working styles.

Employees have missed the social aspect of the office, but in many cases do not want to return to 5 days in the office if there is scope to work remotely. They may want a change. Keeping your staff engaged, motivated and happy with increased goal posts becomes a key thought leader.

Agile HR’s Suggestions for Re-Engaging Employees

Engaging your team will not only boost your business, but make your office a better place to work.

Quick Quiz

  • Have you created a positive, fun and focused atmosphere?
  • Ensured open communication challenges between Directors – Managers – Team?
  • Created opportunities for career growth, new experiences?
  • Reassured your team that you are focused on growing and nurturing the business wherever possible?
  • Arranged 1-1 meetings and been accountable for delivering the follow up actions?

How many of the above were a yes??  If less than 5 – keep reading

This doesn’t always have to be financial and dependent on the Covid impact on your business may not be feasible.

Recognising your employees and praising them for their contributions doesn’t cost you any time or money. Take a look at everything that has been achieved whilst your team has been working from home and get ready to offer individual praise when your doors finally reopen.

Little wellbeing giftpacks and tokens of appreciation will go a long way as well.

Career Growth
Employees are more engaged if they feel like there is the potential to grow and develop their career within your organisation. In fact, the majority of people listed opportunities for growth as a more motivating reason to stay at a company than receiving a pay rise.

Explaining the correlation between business growth and new job opportunities and engaging your team in facilitating the growth is a sure motivator.

Remembering to share the growth and the challenges but focusing on job security to ensure there is not a dip in employee engagement.  Where possible, you need to make every member of staff feel like their job is safe. If you have made any redundancies then they will likely feel insecure about their position within your organisation. Continue offering praise and recognition for their work so that they feel confident within their role at your company.

Without a doubt, the easiest and most effective way to keep your team motivated and engaged is to provide a fun working environment. Nine out of ten employees list fun working environments to be very or extremely motivating.

Simply building strong relationships and encouraging their out-of-work hobbies can go a long way. Most people are just looking for a healthy work environment.  When did you last do a team building exercise or quiz?

Remember, the vast majority of people have enjoyed the time and money that they have saved by working from home. They will likely be looking for a better work/life balance.

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