Autumn Newsletter 2017




Employment Law Changes

Tribunal fees quashed; no need to pay a fee to make a claim, fees paid will be refunded, question now raised about those that didn’t raise a claim due to fees – may now be eligible.

25th May 2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Legislation) – replaces previous legislation and gives individuals more rights over how their personal data is used.  Compliance is critical.

Key factors: –

How data is shared with third parties/ shared overseas;

Compliant employment contracts

Awareness of the data you hold

Childcare Vouchers

New online scheme started in April 2017, applies to children up to 12yrs – rolling out to all eligible employees by end of 2017.  From April 2018 existing ‘salary sacrifice’ schemes will no longer be able to take new members but can continue to operate for existing members.

5th April 2018 The ‘snapshot’ reporting date for gender pay reports for organisations with 250 or more employees.  Highly likely that this will be introduced for smaller businesses and good practice to start to develop reports on this.

Key facts:

Difference between mean and median hourly rates of pay between male and female staff (%)

Difference between mean and median bonuses between male and female staff (%)

Proportion that received a bonus (%)

Proportion of male to female staff (shown in four quartiles (grade levels)


Up and coming law

By 2018 Shared Parental Leave will be extended to include grandparents.

Proposals to change the taxation of termination payments are planned for April 2018. Payments of up to £30,000 will continue to be tax free. Employers will be required to pay NI Contributions on sums over £30,000.  It is expected that injury to feeling payments may be added.

Caste to be added as an aspect of race under the Equality Act 2010.

360 Degree Feedback

Every ‘future focused’ manager benefits from constructive, holistic and objective feedback.  The challenge is how to collect and deliver truly honest thoughts from your team.  The answer is a confidential 360 degree feedback scheme incorporated into your Management Review Process.

Our 360 programme covers the following areas;

Excellence, Company Development, Leadership and Coaching, Self Improvement, Client Satisfaction

Employees complete a confidential comprehensive questionnaire rating their manager as Strongly Agree through to Strongly Disagree against a series of statements.  Results are analysed and prepared to show a Net Promoter Score (does the employee act as a promoter or detractor of the activity?)


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