Building Gravitas

Building Gravitas by Jenny Goulding

Morgan Freeman ‘ I gravitate towards gravitas’

Why is that some people just have a certain presence – key examples would be world leaders such as Obama and Mandela.  We expect these people to have gravitas and in turn this makes them highly engaging to their audience.

Gravitas makes a connection with people, they will listen when you speak.  Treat gravitas as a skill to be nurtured – it can be trained even in cases where people naturally posses it.

So what gets in the way – fear of failure, nerves, being too needy?

Here are few top tips to help you control your fears and thus build gravitas when engaging with people.

  • Challenge yourself and be prepared to change your approach
  • Control your breathing- imagine that you have gravitas, that you are calm and relaxed and speaking with confidence.
  • Stand tall – lengthening your spine whilst softening your spine.
  • Breathe out and wait for your inspiration to filter back in – then speak

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