Climb your career ladder by knowledge sharing

Climb your Career Ladder by Sharing Knowledge. – Julieta Coster

The benefits of sharing your knowledge at work can be surprisingly fruitful and can provide an invaluable way to climb the ladder of your career.

The fear of being made redundant in today’s competitive work environment can easily lead some to think of sharing knowledge as a threat to keeping their jobs. It can be challenging to find professionals willing to share and set up a successful team to continue their legacy when they are given the chance of taking on a new role.

Instead, sharing knowledge should be embraced as a unique opportunity to demonstrate in practice how accomplished you are at what you do.

By regularly sharing knowledge at work, you can give others experience of new situations and, in return, may find that your own ideas and methods could be developed.

Sharing knowledge can also improve your promotion prospects. When your manager is promoted and you are recognised as a potential candidate to fill his/her role, it can be a barrier to progression if nobody else knows how to do your job. In any case, who wants to be irreplaceable at work and have no one to count on to keep things going when you need to take some days off?

Adopting a continuous teaching-learning attitude can also be utilised as a self-test process by professionals who aim to assume managerial positions. It provides a good opportunity to demonstrate information behaviour and maturity on the occasion that decisions are brought into question.

So, next time you are offered the chance to share knowledge at work, take this as an opportunity to improve your skills, experience a teaching-learning process and act to climb your career ladder.

By regularly sharing knowledge at work, people can experience new situations and find that their ideas and methods are not as good as they thought.

What do you think are the main challenges of sharing knowledge in today’s organisations?

Have you ever experienced a teaching-learning process in your career life?

What do you think should be the key skills required in managerial positions?

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