Employment Tribunal Statistics

We thought it would be interesting to share the latest Employment Tribunal statistics.  As we are aware from the advice supporting the Equality Bill, employers are being more and more encouraged to resolve disputes informally.  The reasons for this being very simply that it saves not only money and emotional energy fighting at Employment Tribunal.  We have also seen the average size of awards drop from £20,900 in 2010 to £15,130 in 2011/12.  Current statistics also show that of all cases submitted 60% are settled out of court before reaching hearing stage or are withdrawn.  Of those that do go to tribunal 12% are successful.

The latest Employment Tribunal statistics available highlight this trend;

Employment Tribunal Statistics 2011/12
Discrimination Claims Accepted
2009/10 2010/11 2011/12
Sex/ Equal Pay 55,600 54,100 39,600
Race 5,700 5,000 4,800
Sexual Orientation 710 640 610
Age 5,200 6,800 3,700
Disability 7,500 7,200 7,700
Religion 1,000 880 940

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