Will your new recruit really develop your business?

February 2013

Will your new recruit really develop your business?

So, our first blog entry on the new Agile HR Consulting website.

Thinking about how companies should really see their staff as a key part of their marketing strategy.  Can companies train someone to be motivated and interested in their product or service or should the focus really be on finding someone with the aptitude to be completely driven and focused from day 1.

How do you find these special ‘engaged’ people that will grow and develop the business for you because they believe in it.  They thrive on developing networks to help your business grow far more than the cleverest online marketing tool.

Latest research shows that there are particular traits in personality that will indicate that someone is far more likely to be an internal marketing agent for you.  

So the next question, how do you test for these traits?  Is there more that you can do than just asking someone whether they have a positive approach at interview – all candidates in this  circumstance would say ‘yes’.

Latest research linked to psychometric profiling has considered key traits of ‘future engagement’ in staff and can now prove that certain personality types such as ‘high control’ and ‘positivity’ (there are many more) do deliver much better probabilities of ‘future engagement.’  These key traits can be identified by asking candidates to complete particular psychometric profiles as part of a recruitment process.

This is a critical step forward in recruiting people that will truly act as a marketing force for your business.

Agile HR Consulting can provide a full psychometric analysis process to help you identify your potential future facing ‘starts of the future.’



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