Give your Team a Healthcheck

Give your Team a Healthcheck – 18 March 2014

Helping people be the best that they can be in a team environment will improve your results.

People have to believe that they can achieve success in a team environment and the key to this is ensuring they have ownership, direction and are committed to achieving their team results.

Definition of a Team is ‘A small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals and a shared approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable’ – Katzenbach & Smith

Is it truly possible to create the perfect team?  What does good look like?  A true requirement for a strong team is to have a shared goal and relationships across the team that understand the goal.  At the early stages of a team event, create a team contract to ensure people feel safe to share, agree ‘what goes in the room stays in the room.’

A strong team requires a good leader – a leader can make or break a team.  It is essential that the leader creates clarity and trust amongst members.  A leader that can admit that they are struggling to know how to achieve the goal will actually be far more effective and gain more respect than a leader that dictates the whole focus of the meeting.  Why is this?  Rather than closing doors on ideas they are empowering the team to work together to find a solution.  A true leader will share their personal experiences and make themselves vulnerable by revealing their lack of knowledge in certain areas to allow others to fill the gaps.  They will effectively be triggering the abilities of the team to aid reaching the goal.

Perhaps your next team meeting could incorporate a personal shield to share with the team –



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