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‘Engage for Success’
Employee Engagement is a new term for every employer’s aspiration; employees that consistently ‘go the extra mile’. It’s so much more than just enjoying your job and working hard, the concept describes an employee that understands and ‘buys into’ the company vision and aim. They then utilise their skills/ knowledge and tenacity to ensure that they have tried their hardest to add to company success.
The ‘Engage for Success’ movement has identified 4 enablers to company engagement;
1. Visible Empowering Leadership and Strategic Narrative (the company story)
2. Employee Voice – letting people have their say
3. Organisational Integrity – do what you say you are going to do
4. Engaged Managers – they share their engagement to gain employee trust, they communicate effectively, genuinely interested in their teams, set realistic but challenging goals.
The recognised key to engagement is a two way chain between the employee giving of themselves and the employer acknowledging and then giving back.
Question chain for your employees?
Am I in the right job? – Do I make a difference? – Am I treated with respect? – Do I know where I am going? – Do I have a say? – If all answers are yes – Then I’m ENGAGED
The CIPD has recently recognised LV for the significant impact introducing Employee Engagement has made to their business;
Reduced staff attrition, Reduced sickness, Employees that believe in the company vision and ultimately Increased Sales.
If you would like to increase/ understand your levels of Employee Engagement contact Agile HR Consulting

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