Government Announcement – December 2020

As we are all aware a new variant of the Covid-19 virus has been detected in the UK and appears to be particularly aggressive in the South East/London.  As a result a new stricter Tier 4 has been created covering much of this area.  This may affect your business location/ client locations/ staff home bases.  Here is a link to the latest Government guidance

I have also attached a link to the latest Tier 2 guidance, key changes here are associated with the reduced Christmas period easing to 1 day from 5 days and travel restrictions, particularly overseas.

As you know there have been many updates to the Furlough Scheme as the pandemic has progressed and in summary full or flex furlough can be applied for anyone employed on your payroll before 30th October. 2020  Staff at this point can be put onto Furlough – 80% – £2,500 max and you need to claim in January. Should you wish to use this option as a result of changes, we would of course need to write to people to advise of this – as we have previously.

Here is the latest Government detail ( updated 17th Dec)

There may well be further updates on Monday as this has impacted so many people at short notice.

Employees that continue in the office / warehouse must be working fully COVID securely. Anyone that can work from home should.

Please also be mindful of the mental health of yourselves and your teams and keep supporting each other.

Will of course keep you updated as we get more detail please do ask if you have any questions.

Keep safe

Stay in the know