How Agile HR can assist businesses remotely.

Agile HR lives up to the name especially as we experience the uncertain period we are in at the present moment. As we are all working from home and there are so many changes in circumstance many businesses need professional HR advice and assistance urgently, we are geared up to assist in many different ways:

  • Agile utilises modern information technology solutions to ensure we can keep up the best communication with our clients. We use various software platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Skype and can integrate with many other platforms that businesses may use. This allows us to have the best communication and attention to detail assisting our client.
  • Our team is trained and organised to work around our clients, creating flexible solutions whether you are in the UK or America we can accommodate our international client base.
  • Agile regularly sends our newsletter via email to all our clients to keep them up to date with current policies which our team are always knowledgeable on. We take a reactive approach to ensure all our clients are always compliant and their people are taken care of.

The services we can provide remotely to clients are:

  • Agile can produce HR Audits of your organisation to diagnose issues before they become real problems and assist finding the right solutions to build a better business. Completing HR Audit of your organisation to diagnose and priories key HR requirements.
  • Developing up to date HR policies, Employment Handbook and the full range of Employment Contracts in line with the current legislation and reflective of your organisations culture.
  • Practical advice on handling Employee relations and mental health during this period as it is a difficult time for all, but it is ensuring that the employees are looked after.

Plus, so much more

In order to remain a fluid business in an ever-changing world, our team is constantly evolving developing new processes and strategies to best assist our client base. If you need any further advice, please contact Agile HR at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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