Latest Employment Law Updates October 2014

National Minimum Wage

The new rates of National Minimum Wage for the year 1 October 2014 – 30 September are published: Top line rate increases from £6.31 to £6.50

Equal pay audits

Employment Tribunals must order an equal pay audit upon a finding that an employer has breached equal pay law unless certain circumstances apply. Businesses with fewer than 10 employees and new businesses are exempt. The new rule applies to complaints made to an Employment Tribunal on or after 1 October 2014.

Fathers and partners get time off to accompany pregnant women to antenatal appointments

Employees who are the husband, civil partner or partner of a pregnant woman or father of the expected child are now entitled to accompany the pregnant woman up to 2 x 6.5 hours’ antenatal appointments. The time off is unpaid and includes travel and waiting time.


The new list of persons to whom a whistleblower may, in certain circumstances, make a disclosure is published.

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