Leaving the EU or not – impact on UK business

Apologies for potentially being political but it is very difficult to avoid mentioning the EU Referendum coming up on 23rd June.

Whether you are for a Leave or a Remain it is important to consider legal potential impacts that may affect companies;

I wanted to mention a few areas that could impact your workforce,  as much of our current employment law is driven by the EU;

  • Potentially non UK members may require a visa/ work permit in the future in the same way as non EU members currently do. People may look to fast track their permanent residency status
  • Employment rights for current migrant workers
  • If we remain in the EU, important that employers still comply with preventing illegal working practices and consider regulations such as Working Time Directive, avoiding any discrimination in employment practices

It is anticipated that any changes as a result of leaving may take up to 2 years to take effect but this of course is uncertain so it is really important to be vigilant.

As I say to all my clients, please really take advice and ensure that your employment practices are compliant.  I don’t want anyone waking up at 3 in the morning worrying about it!

Managing people is tough but getting help doesn’t have to be.

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