News Update Winter 2015

Welcome to our Winter 2015 newsletter – sharing latest legal updates and practical tips to kick start 2015 within your business.


Proposed changes to employment law Launch date
Flexible working The Government proposes to extend the right to request flexible working to all employees and remove the current statutory procedure for considering requests. Instead employers will have a duty to consider all requests in a reasonable manner; employers will have the right to refuse requests on business grounds. 30 June
Duty to inform and consult under TUPE for micro business Employers who employ fewer than 10 employer will comply with the duty to inform and consult under the new TUPE regulations by informing and consulting directly with the affected employee. 31 July 2014
Managing sickness absence A health and work assessment and advisory service is to be introduced, offering fee occupational health assistance for employees, employers and GPs. The service can provide an occupational health assessment after four weeks of sickness absence. Further information is available from GOV.UK. April 2015
Fathers right to time off for antenatal appointments The Children and families Act allows fathers to be and partners of pregnant women, to take time off to attend two antenatal appointments with the expectant mother. 1 October 2014
National Minimum Wage increase

£6.50 for workers 21 and over , £5.13 for workers 18-20 yrs , £3.79 for 16-17 yrs olds
£2.73 for apprentices under 19 or 19 and over who are in the first year of apprenticeship

1 October 2014
Flexible parental leave For parents of children born or matched for adoption on or after 5 April 2015. Under this new system parents will be able to choose how they share the care of their child during the first year after birth. Mothers will still take at least the initial two week following the birth, following that they can choose to end the maternity leave and the parents can opt to share the remaining leave as flexible parental leave. Also under this new shared parental leave it is proposed to allow the husband, civil partner or partner of the pregnant women the right to unpaid time off to attend up to 2 ante-natal appointments. 1 October 2014
Parental Leave extended to 18 The right to unpaid parental leave will be extended to parents of any child under the age of 18 years. April 2015
Surrogate parents eligible for adoption leave Provided they meet the eligibility criteria parents who have a child through surrogacy will be permitted to take ordinary paternity leave and pay, adoption leave and pay and shared parental leave and pay. Both parents will also be entitled to take unpaid time off to attend two antenatal appointments with the woman carrying the child. April 2015
School leaving age to riseS to 18 2015
Statutory adoption leave and pay The statutory adoption leave will no longer have the 26- week qualifying period, and adoption pay will be brought in line with maternity pay, which will be 90% of normal earning for the first six weeks. 5 April 2015
Upper age limit for jury service is increased The upper age limit for jury service will increase from 70 to 75 (England and Wales)


To be announced


 How about starting the New Year with greater clarity, a greater determination to succeed and a renewed commitment to provide exceptional client service, one little aim for your team –  be better.

  • Be better with YOUR CLIENTS think creatively, efficiently and get the details right. Consider how you communicate the value you add.
    Be better with your team in how you support each other, how you communicate and how you care about them as people.
    Be better in your community in how you give of your time and effort to make your town, city or neighbourhood a great place to live.
    Be better with our planet in how you recycle, minimize your footprint, and how you appreciate the natural beauty around us.
    Be better in your relationships out of the office – in how you communicate, encourage and support.
    Be better to yourselfin your personal expectations and in your commitment to being all that you can be.

Greater success for you = Greater success for the company – ‘WIN WIN’

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