One little word – Resilience

Resilience – ‘To take your pain you must be able to play with it’

Charlie Chaplin beautifully sums up the essence of resilience.  It is a powerful behavioural trait that is recognised a success key from school into the workplace.

Personal benefits from improving your resilience;

  • reduced fatigue
  • improved self esteem
  • mental clarity
  • ability to relax

It is certainly a current buzz term with resilience being the key to an energised organisation, giving it sustained engagement and ultimately business success.

However resilience as a concept often focuses on strength when things are already good and healthy – you have your bases covered so you can grow.

How about when things aren’t so rosy?  Resilience is a clever idea as this also sums up how you cope when things go wrong, it provides your reserve of strength to draw on.  When things are down resilience becomes ‘Popeye’s tin of spinach’.  The spinach gives a metaphorical boost to feel that you can again take on the world.  Effectively the ability to bounce back from adversity.

The backbone of resilience is in fact self-confidence and the ability to balance priorities at times of stress.  A key learning with resilience is to accept that sometimes you can’t change the stress; however you can change the ability to cope.

Remember authenticity – being true to yourself allows you to strengthen your resilience.  Remember to have clear goals and a longer term vision, remember to look after your health and feel energised.

If you don’t have all the answers – who does?!  Then having a network of support in colleagues, associates to draw up can really assist your resilience levels.

Resilience building is a business investment.  Companies that have recognised the need to develop this trait in their employees have tangible statistics to prove that this was a worthwhile investment;

  • reduced mental health issues by up to 60%
  • worklife balance conflict reduced by 25%
  • staff engagement increased by 21%
  • staff willingness increased by 14%

Converting all of this into Resilient Leadership

Our top tips;

Prioritise Wellbeing in your team

Define a clear vision

Provide support/coaching and mentorship

Be emotionally present

‘I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.’ – Carl Gustav Jung

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