Putting the Human back into Management

Putting the Human back into Management – Jenny Goulding, February 2014

The concept of Employee Engagement – effectively encouraging your employees to go the extra mile is certainly not a new concept.  In the 1960’s it was typed as ‘Going Beyond the Contract’, in the 1980’s company’s such as Taylor Woodrow created symbols that showed employees and the company pulling in the same direction.

What we do however know now is that however Employee Engagement is branded or described the reality is that as an employer you will only gain 100% commitment when you give 100% respect, trust and commitment to your employees.

We can see that even in difficult scenarios such as redundancies, it’s not the action itself that often causes issue but how the action is tackled.  Handling discussions with respect face to face will often avoid the dissatisfaction that could potentially arise with a blunt e-mail.  Having a difficult conversation is challenging but essential to protect Employee Engagement.  Of course there is often a place for the blunt e-mail but that place is often in your draft folder!

Employee Engagement doesn’t have to be compromised by criticising an employee as long it is completed in a constructive manner.  This will generate an environment of ‘quid pro quo’ with both parties feeling that they have a safe environment to challenge if necessary.

Ultimately the key to achieving Employee Engagement is taking time to understand people, what makes them tick.  Really putting the ‘Human back into Management.’

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