Recruiting in a Challenging Market

Recruiting in a Challenging Market

‘Managing People in tough, but getting help from Agile HR is not’

We are all aware of candidates shortages across a large number of roles and professions.  This has resulted from a number of factors including Brexit, the Pandemic and candidates re-assessing what is important to them.  We find ourselves in a truly candidate driven market.  As a result all businesses need to be on their A-game to attract people that will enable your business to thrive.

Sharing our some top tips to ensure that your business is best placed to attract new talent but also hold onto your most precious resources – people.

  1. Attractive but realistic advertising – don’t oversell a role as people will won’t stay with you.  Instead advise on the opportunities for career growth, work-life balance and a chance to learn new skills, but be realistic about challenges with the role.
  2. Trained and experienced interviewers – remember that you need to sell your opportunity as much as the candidate needs to sell themselves.  The interview is only as good as the questions you ask, make your questions count.
  3. Use psychometric testing/ assessment methods to not only ensure that the candidate has the right behavioural and skills fit but that the candidate knows you are taking their interview process seriously.
  4. New Starter Employment documentation that is up to date, compliant but also welcoming.  Employees must have signed and completed this before joining ( in place since April 2020.)
  5. Ensure that you have a genuinely positive culture – values that people know, understand and buy into.  A culture where your team feel supported even if they make mistakes.  A culture where success is recognised and rewarded.
  6. Take time to prepare an Orientation Programme that will enable a smooth transition into the first 6 months whilst the employee is onboarding.
  7. Buddy/ Mentor Schemes to enable people to feel supported/ someone that can answer their questions.
  8. Train people as Mental Health First Aiders to spot and support challenges before they escalate.  We recommend

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