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Communications and surveys

Effective communication is a critical point for all business leaders.   However, communicating a clear, values led message can be challenging.  We are highly experienced in identifying and facilitating organisations to have a clear voice through.

  • Values, Vision and Mission definition
  • Effective communication methods with your internal Teams – Virtually or face to face
  • Assisting with Mediation if communication has broken down

Employee Engagement Surveys 

“ Employers want engaged employees because, as well as being happier, healthier and more fulfilled, they deliver improved business performance” CIPD

At Agile, we help our clients develop programmes that combine the key elements that result in enhanced Employee Engagement;

Our Employee Engagement Survey assesses all the key components of successful Engagement and gives you an invaluable sense check of areas of strength and areas to develop.

The survey is completed online so provides the employee with anonymity and provides you with charts to show results.

With the results we can then work with you to really create motion in your business to use the engaged energy to create a positive impact for your business.

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