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Employee Contract review

Agile HR can save you time, money and worry by providing you with information and guidance to ensure you are fully compliant with ever-changing employment legislation, leaving you free to focus on managing and growing your business.

We can provide you with:

  • Full range of employment contracts that protect your business
  • Comprehensive offer letters
  • Up to date and comprehensive handbooks and policies
  • Guidance and support in managing employee relations cases
  • Access to an HR online software platform through our partnership with Breathe HR

At Agile HR, our Consultants are fully CIPD qualified to at least degree level and have many years experience working with businesses like yours within the UK employment legal framework.  We will be able to give you a sense of confidence in what you do and take that worry off your shoulders.

Employment Contracts – Get it right first time

Did you know that it is now a day 1 right for all employees and workers to be given their terms and conditions of employment and that there is information you must provide by law?

At Agile, we can provide you with:

  • New, fully up to date and compliant contracts of employment or contracts for service that meet your individual business needs and reflects your working practice;
  • A comprehensive review and amendment of your existing contracts of employment or contracts for service
  • Restrictive covenants and confidentiality clauses that protect your business;
  • New and fully up to date offer letters
  • A review and amendment of your existing offer letters

Agile HR Consultants can take this work off your hands and relieve you of any concern you may have, wondering whether your documents are up to date, compliant and able to protect your business.

Policies and Procedures – inspiring business performance

Your policies and procedures are an important way of communicating to your employees, clearly and consistently, how your business works and your expectations for certain ways of working.  Increasingly, if you are involved in due diligence for attaining or acquiring business, you will be asked to demonstrate your commitment to employee relations and compliance with employment and business law through your policies.

Agile HR can provide you with:

  • policies and procedures that meet your business requirements and that are compliant and up to date
  • coaching through the implementation, communication and application of your policies
  • A new employee handbook or
  • comprehensive review and amendment of your existing handbook

Employee Relations – helping you reach your HR goals

Maintaining good employee relations is hugely important to the overall effectiveness of your business and to how well you can achieve your goals.

Agile HR Consultants are highly experienced in managing employee relations and can help you to ensure your employees are engaged and able to perform to the best of their ability.


  • Guiding you through change management projects
  • Restructure programmes
  • Dealing with sensitive and complex employee relations issues including disciplinary and grievance
  • Creating and guiding you through embedding communications strategies

When you are faced with employee relations challenges, we can help you to deal with sensitive and complex issues with understanding, flexibility, compassion and with a commercially astute focus.

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