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Training and development

Manager Training – inspiring business performance

We can train and coach Managers to confidently inspire and manage their teams, many employee relations issues can be dealt with informally and without the need for HR intervention.

Managers who are able to lead in an assured way are more engaged themselves and encourage their teams to be more focussed, creating and productive, ultimately enabling your business to grow more and travel further than you thought possible.

Whether you have newly promoted managers who require information and skills to be their best in their first management role or seasoned managers who need a refresher or perhaps never had the training when they were first promoted, we can help you.

Leadership Coaching – Helping Managing Directors/ CEO’s to significantly develop their leadership skills.

It can be lonely at the Top but we can provide support to help you develop a leadership style that will drive success through your business.

  • 360 Feedback
  • Leadership Psychometric Profiling
  • Understanding their ‘de-railers’
  • Support, confidence and a listening ear for breaking through business challenges


Getting the right person into each and every one of your roles is essential to your business success and doing so requires key recruitment skills.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable about the ever changing job market, we can assist with attracting new talent to your business; drafting job descriptions, identifying recruitment channels through to onboarding with starter checks.

Your salary and recruitment costs are likely to be some of the highest outgoings in your business and failing to get it right can be costly and disruptive.

How your recruitment process is managed speaks volumes about how you operate and can be a positive boost to your brand or can create reputational damage and negative publicity without you even realising.

Agile HR Consultants are highly experienced in all stages of recruitment and onboarding and we can coach and develop your managers to successfully deliver a first class recruitment and onboarding experience for your candidates.

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