Spring 2017 Law Change Newsletter



Employment Law Changes

31 March 2017 The ‘snapshot’ reporting date for gender pay reports from public sector organisations with 250 or more employees.  Highly likely that this will be introduced for smaller businesses.

April 2017 The National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage increase as follows:

25+     £7.20 to £7.50

21-24 £6.95 to £7.05

18-20 £5.55 to £5.60

16-17 £4.00 to £4.05

Apprentice rate £3.40 to £3.50

April 2017: Statutory rates increase as follows:

Sick Pay Statutory from £139.58 to £140.98

Maternity, (lower rate) (lower rate) Adoption, Paternity Pay, and Shared Parental Pay Lower Earnings from £112 to £113

Limit Maximum (Redundancy Pay) from £479 to £489 amount for a week’s pay

April 2017: Maximum Compensatory Award (i.e. unfair dismissal) from £78,962 to £80,541

April 2017 Apprenticeship levy introduced.  Applies to the largest corporations but will fund apprenticeship uptake in smaller business.

Up and coming law

By 2018 Shared Parental Leave will be extended to include grandparents.

Proposals to change the taxation of termination payments are planned for April 2018. Payments of up to £30,000 will continue to be tax free. Employers will be required to pay NI Contributions on sums over £30,000.  It is expected that injury to feeling payments may be added.

Caste to be added as an aspect of race under the Equality Act 2010. If you would like to know more about how we can assist with developing the people section of your business please contact us; jenny@agilehrconsulting.com/ 07990 537522

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