The Future of Recruitment

Successful recruitment requires that you challenge your current opinions; be open to sourcing a strength that you may not even realise you need. It’s not about identifying a skill gap it is about focusing on what abilities may enhance your current team.  Often it is a factor that you haven’t considered; a personality type of innovation or creativity that is missing.  Pre-determined recruitment aims may miss this when it arrives with a new candidate.  Focusing on a requirement for Excel skills can result in missing an ability to adapt to new situations.  In reality how often is an old skill used in a new company?  Old needs to be changed and adapted.

How do you do this?  You need to source deeper than a CV, deeper than what a candidate tells you at interview.  To really enable your business to source new strengths you need to draw on psychological tools; use a psychometric profile that identifies those personality traits and ties them in with Emotional Intelligence.  Only after doing this can you consider particular candidates.  Understanding a candidates’ brain capacity before making an assumption based on first impression at face to face interview is critical to forward thinking recruitment.

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