Understanding You – A Beginners Guide to Psychometrics

Understanding You – A Beginners Guide to Psychometrics

Psychometric profiling sounds very clever and also perhaps a bit intrusive?  Here are some top tips to break down the mystic behind completing psychometric profiles and the ‘light bulb’ moments that you can have from joining the psychometric path.

Created in the 1960’s psychometrics were created to allow you to understand yourself better.  This in turn allows you to understand others around you and adapt your style accordingly.

Ask yourself who wouldn’t want to have better self-awareness and be better armed to succeed in situations that involve influencing people.

Are you an extrovert?  Did you know that by giving more introverted people a little more time to think they will come up with much better answers.

Did you know that stress is caused by having to be something that you are not – being the life and soul of the party when you would rather be at home alone with a book.  Psychometrics help you understand this and enable you to ‘act out of type’ but just for the duration of time required to succeed.

After all nobody knows themselves better than you? – a psychometric profile is purely based on the answers that you give about yourself.  But perhaps it might highlight some areas of your personality that you would like to develop – maybe they are holding you back e.g. your ability to pay attention to detail.

This is really just scratching the surface but hopefully enough to trial a psychometric profile and unlock your true personality.

JG 3/2/16

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