Week 7 of lockdown- How’s it going so far?

As we enter the 7th week of lockdown, how are we all feeling?  We’ve been speaking to lots of clients and friends over the last week and have noticed a shift change.  I think it’s fair to say that many people are feeling a bit… meh.

At first, lockdown was a novelty and people were busy adjusting to the norm and finding news activities to fill their time (anyone else completely got jigsaw’s out of their system now?), then we were hopeful that it wouldn’t last too long and we could soon be off on our summer hols.  This week as the reality sets in and we don’t know for sure when or how restrictions will be amended, it seems a bit flat.

Talking to our various neighbours at the last 8.00 clap for NHS, one said they struggled to get up that morning, another said they had a bit of a cry and a cup of tea in bed and another said they were concerned for a teenager who was spending all day in their room.

So we’re not going to write you a message telling you what to do and how to do it.  I think we’ve all seen enough of those.  This is a message instead to say if you’re feeling positive and upbeat, that’s great!  Keep going!  If you’re not, don’t worry, it’s seemingly completely normal.  If you’re really struggling, please do reach out for help.Whether that’s from friends and family or through professionals like the Samaritans (call 116 123) or Mind (0300 123 3393).

In our house, we’re going to re-set our routines and jig them up a bit – swapping out old activities and adding in new ones (8am pilates here I come!) and creating a jar of ideas for things we are going to do when we can get out and about, whether that’s an ice cream on the beach or a trip to the cinema.

Whatever works for you to buoy you up during lock down, do it.  Although our movement is restricted, what you do in your own space is your choice.  In the words of a wise friend, I’m going to try not to think “how much longer” and be grateful for all that I do have. 

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